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meet the founder

Let’s not make this about me (this whole thing is actually about YOU!). So here’s the quick, speed date version who I am and why you should give any f*cks, so you can decide if you want to swipe right 😘

Who? Kyla Derkach, founder of Hatha Astro

What? Human Design Coach, Business Alchemist, Certified Astrologer, and Fleetwood Mac Loving Generator

Where? Living in Mallorca, Spain but (virtually) revolutionizing lives worldwide.

Why? It’s my divine desire and deep soul purpose to heal the centuries of hidden pain so we can all start creating from a place of infinite power and live from abundance (rather than scarcity). 

My ultimate mission is to create a world of equitable, sustainable peace. Because a world of equitable, sustainable peace is the fulfillment of human potential. 

How? Combining astrology and Human Design in my signature approach, The Mystical Marketing Method. (You’ll learn more about the MMM below, so don’t stop your scroll!)

Where woo meets strategy with some foul language, a few sexual innuendos, and a touch of sarcasm thrown in.

the story

From an early age, I intuitively channeled the language of the stars. (Can you say divine download much?!)
Many moons later, I’m still using the power of the cosmos to help my clients build multiple 6 figure empires. But now, I’m pairing that power with the alignment + energetics of Human Design (in a way unlike any other coach, course, or program on the market) to help entrepreneurs like YOU revolutionize their reality in both business and life.

The gist? → It’s not WHAT you do in business that makes you profitable. It’s the HOW you do it that matters. 
Human Design, Astrology, and Gene Keys help you understand what makes you inherently unique, so you can transition from being one among a list of many…to being *the* one, the only option worth considering.
Human Design and Astrology are the maps that reveal our true essence and help us decondition. 
And it’s the combination of the two that offers us a compass, allowing us to intentionally steer. 

Why human design + astrology?

We need more influential leaders on the edge of consciousness.
Will you be one of them?

YES! Let's do this!

Step 03

The mystical marketing method

How it works

Step 01

Step 02

Aligned Action

Embodied Energetics

Carefully Curating the Signature [insert your name here] Strategy

Lastly, we do the damn thing!
Together, we craft a sales process that builds authority, communicates your authentic message, and allows you to stand out no matter how saturated the market is. 

First, we use Human Design, astrology, and gene keys to understand the specifics of your energetics. This will allow us to understand how you operate so we can build a sustainable roadmap to wealth that doesn't leave you burnt out.

Next, we use the insight into your energetics from step 1 to create a uniquely aligned strategy, sacred business model, and product suite that will maximize your results while minimizing resistance (basically, we make expansion in your 

What to expect

Whether you are a seasoned student of the cosmos or a total newbie, The Mystical Marketing Method will help you…

  • Discover what makes you absolutely irresistible to your dreamiest, soul-mate clients, and learn how to leverage that (so you begin magnetizing full-body YES sales effortlessly).
  • Step into your divine magic and inherent worthiness so you can become the stand-out go-to leader in your niche (the one people are practically begging to work with). 
  • Make consistent, reliable, delicious income all by amplifying your natural cosmic gifts and ditching the sh*t you don’t want to do.

Ready to unleash your aligned genius & effortlessly welcome overflow into your life?

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