Don’t sell yourself short, sugar t*tties…

The most incredible beauty and most satisfying way of life come from affirming your own uniqueness.

So why has it been so effing hard to break through to that next level—that one where you can finally put your feet up, take off your bra, and watch your bank account balance skyrocket without stress?

If there’s one thing I know for certain (other than my @$$ looks excellent in high-waisted jeans)’s this:

Everything you desire is already within you.
Every ounce of magic you could ever need sits woven into every uniquely aligned fiber of your being right now, as we speak. It always has.   

Let's unlock a profound understanding of your motherfooking magick through a deep journey of self-exploration & self-mastery.  

You KNOW you’re meant for nothing short of a magically orgasmic life (we’re talking X-rated levels of abundance and YUM pleasure here)

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meet the founder

Hey, I’m Kyla

Human Design Coach, Business Consultant, Astrologer 
& Stevie Nicks Obsessed  ⅖ Generator. Scorpio (Rising) Aries (Sun) Sagittarius (Moon).
  I help innovative CEOs use their one-in-a-quintillion combination of energetics  to stand TF out, sell effortlessly and create extraordinary & unconventional lives— all by embodying their authentic essence, talents and  zone of genius. 

When you pair human design with astrology, you gain the self-trust to blaze a new trail and expand your impact (not to mention explode your income) from your signature theme of peace, satisfaction, success and delight.Without sacrificing your body, alignment or doing "what others do" to get their dream. 

Minimum Effort.
Maximum Satisfaction.

We believe in efficiency over extraction. Minimum Effort, Maximum Satisfaction is not about pushing you to do more and be more.  It's about the sophistication of simplification, doing less, focusing on your point of difference, and letting your body guide you. We are dedicated to helping you see, understand and embrace your true self so that you can honour your strengths and create two times the results with half the effort.


Just so you know I’m legit…here are some client transformations



- Meaghan Mcmahan

Hands down the best investment I made in 2022 was Human Design Paradigm. Kyla is phenomenal. Her aura is palpable magic and I look forward to class every week (and am stoked she keeps generously adding more content). She radiates a deep wisdom and reverence for human design. Out of the HD certifications available out there, Kyla’s expert lens combining HD and astrology sets her a part. I feel like I’m entering the HD world leveled up due to all her astrology wizardry. I’m so glad I trusted my emotional wave and joined the HDP fam. The community created is such a fabulous unexpected bonus, which creates a culture of genuine care and shared knowledge. Thank you Kyla, for being a wise mentor that feels like a trusted old friend who both gives the best insights AND makes you laugh your ass off.

- Lauren Barber 

I fell down the Human Design rabbit hole a few years and felt the dramatic shift it had on my life and particularly my business very quickly. I invested in some Human Design courses which gave me a foundation - but studying with Kyla has taken it to the next level! The depth that this course goes into far exceeds others I have looked at and covering elements that take the information far deeper within myself and also for clients. The amount of information, extra studies available if needed, and support in embodying my own design even further has exceeded my expectations. The astrology piece has so far been invaluable and really surprised me as to how granular we can get with these extra pieces of information. If you are curious about Human Design and how to truly embody it for yourself and then bring it to others I would wholeheartedly recommend this program.

- Tsmara 

I am so grateful I got to know Kyla and followed my sacral authority and joined Human Design Paradigm.The reason is because I have been interested in HD for two years now and I feel like there was a big part of my learning that was missing. Meeting you and being in the container has filled in so much depth, with what I share.For context, I do coach with Human Design and do readings and 1:1 and group coaching. But part of me feels that I need to make myself much more deconditioned and align with my design before I help other people. Your container has helped me feel confident with my design first, before sharing with others and helping empower them. What I love is meditations at the beginning of classes and the breathing practices and how Kyla's invites us to share about experiences. I feel more aligned, more at ease, more magnetic, my business is doing really well!

- Helen Gardner 

Before I worked with Kyla I felt overwhelmed with coaching & business. I tried to self teach myself before working with her in HDP and it was just getting so deep so fast. I also had this vision of learning hd/astrology in a group setting and Kyla's program has been the best opportunity for that. One of my biggest AHA moments is that I definitely feel like I look at the bodygraph is a map of a person. I can notice patterns and trends. It's like I am unlocking this powerful tool and entering a new level of awareness. I am beginning to implement what I have learned from HDP to my business. I do branding and website design and I'm using it to create the best brands based on my clients design. I feel like I have gotten to know and love myself so much through this process. The more I learn, the more I know how my energy best interacts with my environment. And that just feel so empowering to me. 

Embody the magic of your human design, rise in your leadership, and create enriching impact & income rooted in alignment and integrity.

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Unleash your true potential so that you can create prosperity in all forms: material wealth, emotional fulfillment and spiritual richness. 

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