You know that it is the key to the lusciousness of a life and business overflowing with peace, success, satisfaction and delight is the embodiment of your human design & astrology.

You want to be hyper aware of how your open energy centers and your not self is "hijacking" your alignment so that you're able to come back into the body at any time and make aligned and profitable decisions.

In order to do that...

You need quick and supportive somatic realignments that you can tap into at any time to make sure you’re not in the unhealthy expression of your undefined centers or making decisions from your not self. 

Once we move past strategy and authority we start to lose people to the mind. Human Design isn’t meant to be cerebral, it’s a tool for body-led decision making. A lot of the teachings out there are linear, systematic and miss practical application & tools for integration. 


But the deconditioning process is a TRIP and you keep finding yourself stuck in frustration, disappointment, bitterness and anger more often than not…..

This is leaving you feeling overwhelmed and stuck by the sheer amount of information and complexity of Human Design, leading to further intellectualization rather than embodiment.

You are trying to connect all the dots of your Human Design Chart & still end up not seeing the full picture of how to be at the center of your uniqueness.


There’s no point learning the theory if the integration and embodiment is missing. Ultimately, Human Design isn’t something that you learn. It’s something you live

This makes you feel frustrated AF.  You know the theory. You’re obsessed with human design!  But the process is feeling much harder than you thought it’d be.

BONUS: And doing all of this will reprogram your subconscious mind to your most abundant timeline with Nathaly Granja from 25K months to 100K months to anchor in your most out of this world receiving paradigm!

You will begin the process of witnessing and noticing your not-self themes with one of our nine experiments. When a specific “center” gets loud, you can listen to one of the subliminal audios for said center to help you “empty out” and/or do the not-self somatic meditation which is designed to facilitate a felt-shift in your body so you can go from burnout to peace, ease and pleasure in a matter of minutes. We recommend doing these in your human design ideal environment and provide suggestions for all six!

You will begin a signature theme practice to help rewire your nervous system into resonance with your true self. This is your most important currency and is an indication if you are in integrity with your design (or not). We provide a signature theme practice bank to inspire you. You may also tap into our luscious signature theme somatic meditation so you can calibrate your body to your true metric of alignment: generators (satisfaction) manifestors (peace) manifesting generators (peace & satisfaction) projectors (success) and reflectors (surprise).

You will get a breakdown of the space on a short and sweet video and fill out the metrics of alignment worksheet so that you have a visual aid to simplify your unique process and keep you on track. We also have a simple habit tracker to keep you accountable to your process!

Step 04

Step 03

Step 02

Step 01

When you pay           ,  you will have access to this four step process.

Here is how it works:



What you receive...

  • metrics of alignment worksheet so that you have a visual aid to simplify your unique metrics of alignment
  • metrics of alignment cheat sheet so that you can see a breakdown of this inaction 
  • nine subliminal audios for the energetic centers so that you can “empty out” energetic leaks 
  • not-self somatic meditation so that you can experience a felt shift from your not-self to true self in your body 
  • six audios on the human design environments so that you can learn unique ways to optimize your human design environment
  • signature theme practice bank so that you are inspired by options that anchor you into your peace, ease, pleasure and delight
  • signature theme somatic meditation so that you can wire ease, peace, pleasure and delight into your nervous system
  • alignment practices for the aura types to go deeper into your human design type and how to fully integrate this into your rituals
  • four short videos breaking down the three step process so that you don’t have another course that is 4% complete  
  • hypnosis to anchor in new receiving landscapes from 25K months up to million dollar years so that you can start to anchor in your six and seven figure dreams into your unconscious design
  • ️NEWLY ADDED: monthly experiments to play with the human design centers so that you can continue your deconditioning process and increase your magnetism



Hi, I'm Kyla.

I get what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information in Human Design. I am guilty of getting lost in the complexity and nuance of every nitty gritty gate (there are 1030 variations of every gate!) and the line in the beginning of my journey. Let’s be honest, self-exploration is fun to dig into! This left me in a phase of disjointed embodiment, where I was stuck in the experimentation process. 

What I realized is a lot of people are so disconnected from their bodies, that they don’t understand what their most authentic voice (authority) feels like. 

This is when I began to double down on the practical application as a line five. How could I actually take what I have learned about Human Design and actually implement into my life and business?

The truth is once you properly align with strategy and authority, everything else rises to its highest expression. No amount of cognitive understanding will override this foundational fact. 

Your human design is experienced through sensation.

This is when I began to double down on my own daily habits and rituals to explore this system somatically. 

The truth is the “deconditioning” process takes up to seven years. There are three phases: experimentation, “the process” and passenger consciousness. (When the body overrides the mind for decision making.)  

And now I feel more empowered in my design more than ever, receiving six figure launches on the regular with minimum effort and maximum satisfaction.

The Minimum Effort, Maximum Satisfaction Movement:

The Embodiment Lab is fundamental for achieving minimum effort and maximum satisfaction because it ensures that your actions, goals, and values are in harmony, creating a natural flow where tasks feel easier and more fulfilling. Ultimately this minimizes resistance and distractions, efficiently focusing your energy on your zone of genius, by tapping into intrinsic motivation. The flow states that alignment often leads to higher productivity and creativity, allowing you to produce quality work effortlessly and receive more money lusciously. 

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