In order to do this you need to be able to illuminate the magic of your natural talents  IN YOUR MESSAGING.

You need your gifts reflected back to you so that you can be memorable and clear about how you rock people’s freaking worlds SO THAT YOU CONSTANTLY CONVERT & BUILD MOMENTUM EVEN WHEN YOU ARE OFFLINE!

This reciprocity of which is the spaciousness you need to go MIA without it impacting the amplification of your movement. 

You get to hermit AND thrive!

Does this sound familiar....

The problem is you have a blind spot which makes it seem impossible to access your magic – nevermind explain it! It’s like there is this vagueness when you try to relate to what you do and why it has value.

You can’t always see yourself and your natural talents feel hidden. When you don’t know what “that thing” about you is, you can’t make it marketable.  

You have a “projection field” that surrounds your aura which means, what you see isn’t always what you get. AKA sometimes people are seeing who we are AT ALL. 

This makes you feel fuzzy and uncertain and like you are failing yourself somehow. You feel like you are “getting it” and then it drifts away again.

When you see others who seem so confident and clear in their online presence, you feel kind of triggered. Like deep down you are happy for them, but  part of you is like “how TF do they do that?”

This all makes you feel like going MIA or giving up altogether. 

Hi, I'm Kyla

omg, i sooo get it. As a 2/5 myself, business hasn't always been easy for me.

For a long time, I struggled with seeing or quantifying my own innate talents.

I knew I was here for more and there is that genius that wants to fuck shit up in a really, really, really good way.

I knew what I had to do was vitally important, but it's hard to articulate. This made me feel frustrated and like I wanted to hide (more than usual).

We are told “be consistent” and “have a clear message” which goes against the grain of everything about being a line two. 

This left me in the not-self of my undefined throat BIG time.

This is why I created Easy Genius to take you through the hack that changed everything for me.

Inside this line two immersive, you will learn exactly how to locate and illustrate your genius so that your message has a high vibrational impact —  so you don't always need to be on, show up or “be consistent.”

This process has amplified my visibility without sacrificing my hermit cycles. 

Think post virality, thousands of shares, and hundreds of thousands and reach. 

My audience is HOT, engaged and continues to grow without impacting my uninterrupted creative flow and need to dip out and be in my own aura. (...and you never see me on LIVES or showing my face on reels)

P.S. Due to my own embodiment and working with loads of other second lines, I have totally mastered supporting others with this influence in their Human Design! Literally, there is no one who can relate like another profile line two can. 

Here's The Plan:

step 01

identifying Your gifts

First, I am going to show you how to synthesize some of your key metrics of genius from your astrological and human design blueprint.  Looking at things like the colour beneath the line, stelliums, and other depths of  your strengths. 

As second lines, our brands are very much about passion and being aesthetically expressed. I am going to give you my process for using your greatest sense (cognition) in coherence with how you visually express the beauty that you are here to share...... so that your brand has VA VA VOOM and people are magnetized to you like bees on honey. 

step 02

collecting data

As line twos we need reflections!  We will be doing this in a variety of ways; through my signature blind spot activities, reflection audits and group pods. 

This is going to give you CLARITY — you are going to feel like you are taking off dirty Chanel shades and you can (finally) see!

step 03

threading your message

Once we receive all the feedback, we will look at what key themes are emerging and compare them with the strengths we extracted from step 1. This will help us determine what is our true self and what is simply a projection. 

I’ll then give you a simple process for threading that into your messaging, unique selling proposition and values so your community is obsessed with you  without ever being able to put their finger on why. 

Bye bye consistency and hello hermit cycles!

Who is this for?

Profile Line Two's Including:

  • two/four
  • two/five
  • five/two
  • six/two

This could also be excellent for anyone who has an abundance of second lines in your other planets especially your north node, mercury, jupiter and unconscious mars.

This is REALLY important for those who have an unconscious second line (five/two and six/two) and especially second line Projectors.

This is also great for coaches who hold space for line two's!

Who is this not for?


What you receive...

  • LIVE 90-minute deep dive where you will learn the process and start to "see" yourself (February 22nd at 11am PST) (VALUE $200)
  • LIVE 90-minute deep dive for integration and nail your messaging so your community is obsessed with you  (March 7th at 11am PST) (VALUE $200)
  • Slack Community Space to  connect with other line twos (VALUE $300)
  • Slack Pods for  “love bombs” from other members  (VALUE $500)
  • Visibility Meditation designed to help you start to rewire your social nervous system and feel safe being seen (VALUE $400)



*The transformation inside this experience is in no way, shape, or form tied to attending the calls LIVE. There will be replays for those who can't attend the live sessions or who simply want to revisit the discussion. The true magick will happen in the blindspot activities, group pods, reflection audits, and messaging process. These activities will take place inside a Slack channel and you can participate when it's convenient for you.*